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Students receive an initial Diagnostic Assessment to accurately identify their learning strengths and weaknesses. After the assessment is completed, the student and his/her parent(s)…Read More »

S2S Math Program helps your student increase computational and problem-solving skills. Also, your student will be more prepared for immediate classroom tasks, such as daily…Read More »

For extra motivation and focus to complete homework accurately without stress. We help build a solid foundation for now and the future on how to tackle homework…Read More »

Our Writing Program will increase students’ writing skills and prepare them for more advanced courses in High School. This program helps improvement in the…Read More »

S2S Reading Program helps your student improve in the areas of phonics, sight words, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. This program is intended to improve…Read More »

Our SAT/ACT Test Prep is reserved for high achieving students and requires a commitment from the student. This program includes intense practice in vocabulary, algebra,…Read More »